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Bring It Up
The Original Adhesive Breast Lift

Bring It Up, Inc. was founded by Andrea Niemiec and Denise Curtis in January 2001. Denise Curtis’ unique “Breast Lift” invention, which lifts skin from the top, has led to a successful line of products that offer a fantastic, instant alternative to cosmetic surgery for women who want to look and feel younger. These solution-based products include The Original Instant Breast Lifts and Shapers, the Original Face Lift, and sticky solutions such as apparel tape, nipple covers, bra tape and bra accessories, all of which give the results of surgery without the downsides. As a 100% female owned and operated business, Bring It Up, Inc. is thrilled to be helping so many women all over the world feel better about themselves. Denise Curtis has been a stylist and owner of an exclusive hair salon in Los Angeles for over 30 years, where she has long been sought out by women who want to look and feel their best, no matter what their age.

After joining forces with Bring It Up co-founder and CEO Andrea Niemiec, who offered 20 years of corporate sales and marketing experience, they have built the business into a multi-national brand. Bring It Up became a TV home shopping network wonder after appearances on QVC and Shop At Home and, after receiving their first patent in January 2009, has been licensing and creating stick-on bra products under private labels for many well known bra manufacturers and bra accessory companies. The Original Bring It Up Disposable Breast Lift and Face Lifts are Certified Made in USA products. All of our products are available on our website and in major department stores and specialty boutiques nationwide. For additional information, please contact us at 800-670-6201 ext. 105.

Bring It Up, Inc.
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