Buy Strapless Backless Bra at Best Prices for Holiday Party

Are you still wondering what strapless backless bra to wear under that sexy dress for the office holiday party?  Are you planning to dance in the new decade and need a sweat-proof adhesive bra that gives great lift on New Year’s Eve?  Bring It Up has you covered and won’t let you down!!

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The Instant Breast Lift is the best sticky on bra option if you plan to dance a lot because it is 100% waterproof.  These hypoallergenic 3M brand adhesive bra tapes guaranteed to stay on and hold your breasts up firmly until you take them off.  When you plan to be “up” until the wee hours celebrating, your breasts will still be “up” as well. This horseshoe shaped breast tape leaves the nipple exposed so you may consider nipple covers (pasties) or pairing with the Breast Shaper for supreme lift and coverage. The Instant Breast Lift is “boob lift” TAPEso it is disposable after each use.

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The Instant Breast Lift Stickers come in two sizes: one fits cup sizes A-D and the other fits cup sizes DD and higher.  We don’t recommend The Instant Breast Lift DD+ for anyone over an ECup unless your band width size is 38 or under.  These tapes are fail-safe if you get the correct size.  Don’t hesitate to call us if you are confused about which size to purchase.

If you are looking for something reusable, we suggest you try the Breast Shapers.  Bring It Up Breast Shapers cover the areola and a large portion of the breast, so they are the more like a bra.  They dramatically lift the breast up to 4 inches while providing complete nipple coverage. In fact, many of our customers wear them every day as a bra substitute, some for medical reasons and others because they just hate conventional bras!  These unique silicone bras were designed for use with backless and strapless attire, but as we marketed them, it became apparent that the Breast Shapers were even more popular as a complete bra alternative to wear under your everyday clothes because of the comfort factor. These self-adhesive miracle workers are available in sizes up to a DDD*.  Remember, if you order the wrong size, you can exchange it at no charge.  And, as with the Instant Breast Lift, our customer service staff can help you decide on the right size.

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*Sizing is based on a 36 band so if you are smaller than a 36 you should size down (ie., if you are a 34 DDD, you would likely wear or DD, if you are a 32 DDD, you would wear a CD).  If you are larger than a 36 band, you would size up (a 38 or 40DD would likely wear a DDD). 

If you need a lot of lift and you wear a size 38/40 DDD or over, we highly recommend that you pair the Instant Breast Lift Tape (Size DD+) with the Breast Shaper size DDD.  This way you double the coverage and lift. And remember, if you make a mistake in the sizing, call us and we will send the correct size out!!  Of course, Bring It Up offers a money back guaranty on all our patented products.

Happy Holidays from Bring It Up!

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