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Every woman dreams of having perfectly shaped, perky breasts, and these contoured Reusable Breast Shaping Cups won’t let you down – literally. Specifically designed to provide maximum lift, Bring It Up Breast Shapers provide total nipple coverage while smoothing, lifting and supporting your breasts. Available in two colors: NUDE or CLEAR with BONUS silicone nipple cover and available in four sizes: Cup Size A/C, Cup Size C/D, Cup Size DD, Cup Size DDD.

These unique, comfortable, stretch contour shaping cups were specially designed to provide maximum perkiness by lifting the breast from the top using Bring It Up®’s patented method. The result: perfectly shaped and uplifted breasts. Go braless with total nipple coverage and smooth support.

Undetectable even under the thinnest white t-shirt! Totally seamless under the slinkiest clothes. Adjustable to create sexy cleavage without adding size or padding! Ultra-thin, Stretch Contour Breast Shapers Lift Breasts, Eliminate Sag and Create Cleavage. Maximum Comfort and Nipple Coverage Give Your Breasts a Beautiful Shape.

Features a No Stick Center, Reuse up to 25 times Available in size A/B, C/D, DD and DDD.

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US Patents 7,473,158; 7,806,749; 7,993,182


What cup size do BringitUP Breast Shapers fit?

What colors are BringitUP Breast Shapers?
Clear or Nude

Are BringitUP Breast Shapers reusable?
Yes, up to 25 times

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99 reviews for Breast Shapers

  1. LKHAY

    Great Product! I highly recommend!

  2. Tasha Anderson (verified owner)

    These are amazing! I can wear whatever top I want! I am a 36 DD and the DD pit perfectly. I will NEVER put on another horrible strapless bra again! I also LOVE the Instant Breast Lifts too!

  3. allison b petrat

    been using these for years. they last at least a month when taken care of. I have spread the word to alot of friends. Just a little pricey. Used to get them for less at target!

  4. Emma (verified owner)

    I didn’t like these as much as the stickers because they come up too high for many dresses/shirts.

  5. Carol

    it’s great !

  6. Jeanne McNeely (verified owner)

    Love the breast shapers! No more pain from shoulder straps or the back strap on bras. They can also be washed with soap and water and still have the adhesive that keeps them in place. Awesome product!

  7. Katie Taormina (verified owner)

    THEE best and only sticky bra I wear and recommend to anyone!

  8. Barbara Balis (verified owner)

    I first tried this “sticky boob” for a vacation to Mexico. I have never been happier not having to wear a bra. Sweating on a dance floor in Mexico and they still held up the tata’s. Now I wear this is place of a bra on the daily. Company is A+ I have emailed with Kelly so I can 100% say Customer Service is amazing. Don’t hesitate to try any of the products they are amazing.

  9. Shana

    Work great for dresses where a regular bra isn’t comfortable or is too obvious. The reason for less than 5 stars is that I wish they lasted a bit longer. Probably because I live in Texas and sweat while wearing them.

  10. Linda (verified owner)

    Love these! They lift and hold so well, even on a larger chest! Favorite part is that they are not noticeable under clothes!

  11. Laurie Ehlke

    I have been using Bring It Up Breast shapers for many years. I am a 34D, and the size CD works perfectly for me. I really like the amount of support and lift they give. If you are looking for “bra” type support, these may not be for you, as you still have a certain amount of “jiggle” (giggle!) to the girls, but it is a lot less than going bra-less.

  12. Robyn (verified owner)

    This bra is a game changer! I can’t live without it now. I get the clear and it really works.

  13. Felicia Janor

    This is THE BEST breast lift product I have EVER used!!! I used to purchase these at target, sadly they no longer sell them. I’m glad to be able to order direct.
    These shapers lift and look smooth under cotton tshirts. I will be signing up for the club!!

  14. Ksizemore

    Great product, my favorite sticky bra.

  15. Tammyhayes

    Best choice out there

  16. Tammyhayes

    Very helpful!

  17. Tammy hayes

    Very helpful

  18. Nateliegh Vincent (verified owner)

    Great product even for large breast’s. I just love this product. You can get many uses out of them, as long as you follow the instructions provided.

  19. sab.gibson (verified owner)

    I am sad to say they did not lift my DD’s:(

  20. Anna

    As a 30F I ordered the DDD size. Way too big! D or DD may work better I hope.

    • kelly@bringitup.com

      Hi Anna!
      NO PROBLEM! I will contact you outside of the reviews to get you a smaller size. This is a good opportunity to share how the sizing works. The sizes are based on a band width of 36. With a much smaller band width (30 in your case) you would subtract cup size per 2-3 inch increments. Meaning that as a 30 F you would would likely fit best in our size CD.

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