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32 pairs, 30 Day Supply

$14.00 / month (2 month minimum)



Save up to 30% on your first order and all replacement lifts by selecting Sign Up Now and become a member of Bring IT Up’s Endless Lift Club! As a member you will automatically receive a monthly delivery of the product of your choice (two month minimum membership required) at a 30% reduced cost.

Remember you can cancel any time after your second shipment by calling customer service at 800-670-6201.

Bring It Up Instant Brow Lifts open up tired, droopy eyes and help smooth out crows feet. Regain your youthful, wide-eyed appearance just by lifting your brow.

Everyone will want to know your secret because you will look so refreshed and rested! Virtually undetectable, the lifts are waterproof, sweat-proof and hypo-allergenic and made of hi-quality, medical grade adhesive. Hairstyles with bangs are recommended.

Watch our Instructional Video. Note: Headband is no longer included.

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1 review for Endless Lift Club – Instant Brow Lift

  1. Sonja Nickle Smith (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the brow lifts, along with the neck lifts for about 20 years. I’m 76 now and rarely go out of the house without them. Without the brow lifts I look tired and old. They instantly make me look alive because they not only lift my brows, but they bring up that saggy skin between the eyebrow and eyelid, and suddenly I look wide awake! I just wish there were something that could as easily smooth the wrinkles around my mouth.

    • kelly@bringitup.com

      Thanks for being such a long-time customer Sonja! Some people (if they have the hair to cover it) will cut a small piece of the tape and place it in front of the ear, pulling it into the actual ear to remove those lines around the outside of the mouth–they call them the nasolabial folds. Anyway, you have to have hair in front of the ears to hide the tape but it does work. I know some of our actress and singer customers use that the tape like on stage. Thanks again for sharing the nice review.

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