Endless Lift Club – Instant Face Lift

30 Day Supply, 32 Pairs

$28.00 / month (2 month minimum)



Save up to 30% on your first order and all replacement lifts by selecting Sign Up Now and become a member of Bring IT Up’s Endless Lift Club! As a member you will automatically receive a monthly delivery of the product of your choice (two month minimum membership required) at a 30% reduced cost.

Remember you can cancel any time after your second shipment by calling customer service at 800-670-6201.

Counteract gravity’s effects with this original Bring It Up face lift. Designed to help you look ten to twenty years younger, this kit includes natural-looking and easy-to-apply brow and neck lifts for instant results you’ll love.

Droopy eyes will open up, crow’s feet lines will smooth out and your neckline will tighten for an innovative anti-aging makeover you won’t find anywhere else. Simply apply this hi-quality, medical grade tape as directed and enjoy a refreshed, more youthful-appearance on the outside that reflects how young you feel on the inside your vibrant personality from the inside out.

Everyone will want to know your secret because you will look so refreshed and rested!

Virtually undetectable, the lifts are transparent, waterproof, sweat-proof, hypo-allergenic and made of 100% medical grade adhesive tape manufactured exclusively by 3M.

Made in the USA

Watch our Instructional Video.


Alcohol doesn't remove all the glue. Any suggestions?
We have a few suggestions for quick and easy removal of the tapes or any adhesive residue…applying olive oil, mineral oil (have heard this works exceptionally well), baby oil, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), nail polish remover and even hand sanitizer will be effective. We usually suggest the oils as they are most skin friendly and leave the area soft instead of dry.

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