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The Original Instant Breast Lift™

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The Original Instant Breast Lifts

INSTANT BREAST LIFTS – CUP SIZES A-D Includes 8 pairs of Breast Lifts. Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts enhance your body image. Breast Lifts provide full support, without a bra, up to size D cup. Transparent, waterproof and hypoallergenic, Bring It Up breast lifts offer full support while providing instant lift and desired re-positioning. Applied to the top of your breast, medical grade tape gently lifts loose skin for a natural, more youthful appearance. Eliminates ugly back fat and bra cup overflow. Lifts breasts up to 6 inches! Great with swimsuits, halters, and backless and strapless fashions.

INSTANT BREAST LIFTS – CUP SIZES DD & UP Includes 3 pairs of Size D and Larger Breast Lifts. Designed for women over a size D cup to give added lift and support when worn with a bra. Give added support to bras made for strapless or backless fashions. No more back fat or tacky bra straps showing and they also reduce excess weight from the shoulders adding everyday comfort.

Both sizes of The ORIGINAL Bring It Up Instant Breast Lift are transparent, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. ONLY Bring It Up Lifts are made of 3M quality medical grade tape which is applied to the top of the breast, not underneath, utilizing our patented method of lifting and re-positioning the breast to a much higher place for a natural, more youthful appearance.

Transparent, waterproof/sweat-proof and hypoallergenic
100% medical grade adhesive tape manufactured exclusively by 3M
Made in the USA

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Instructions For Use

Before you begin carefully separate the lifts. If some of the lifts are attached to one another at the edges, simply snip them apart with your scissors.

Simply find the line that corresponds to your cup size and cut along the line as shown. Notice that if you are a larger C or D cup, no cutting is needed. If you plan on wearing a very low cut top, cut for one cup size smaller than your actual cup size. If the lifts are showing over a low cut neckline, simply peel up and trim the exposed edge.

Simply cut the custom fit forms according to your cup size. Then crack and peel the lower half of the Breast lift. Notice that the Breast lift is applied just above the areola, so the crescent shape of the Lift is pointed DOWNWARD.

Smooth the adhesive side to the topside of your breast just outside the areola. Then remove the backing from the upper portion “lift” to the desired position and press,
that’s it!

Repeat the same procedure on your other side. Notice that you only need to use ONE breast lift on each breast. Experiment with the size of lift that is most comfortable to you. If you’d like more support, simply leave the lifts larger.

Bring It Up® lifts are hypo-allergenic. However, if redness occurs, wait a day before resuming use. In the unlikely event that severe redness or irritation persists, discontinue use. Suntanned or sunburned skin may be more sensitive in the breast area. Wait until your sunburned skin is healed before applying lifts.

Remember Bring It Up® Lifts will stay on until you remove them.

To remove the breast lifts start by peeling slowly from the lower portion of the outer part of the breast lift and peel upward removing the inside lower part last. Keep oils, lotions and makeup away from the lifts. With a little care, your Bring It Up® Lifts will stay securely in place all day or all night long.

For best results, store your Bring It Up® Lifts at room temperature, away from heat, sunlight or moisture.

Bring It Up has been the number one selling brand of the “original” Instant Breast Lift for over 15 years but many unethical companies disregard our patent and sell counterfeits online. There are some “knock-offs” that may look like our genuine product and even use our name and company logo. Such products are of very poor quality, are not medial grade and can harm the skin and test the limits of legality within the United States. For your own safety, only purchase from an authorized Bring It Up distributor in the United States or from www.bringitup.com

The Original Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts are certified MADE IN THE USA.
Manufactured by Bring It Up, Inc. Agoura Hills, CA

US Patents 7,473,158; 7,806,749; 7,993,182


Questions about Bring It Up® Instant Breast Lifts:

Where on the breast are the Instant Breast Lifts applied?
The Instant Breast Lifts are applied to the top of the breast not underneath. The unique lift-from-the-top design of lifting the breast is a patented method that is owned by Bring It Up®. The Instant Breast Lifts provide a body-enhancing solution that is transparent, waterproof, sweat proof, hypoallergenic and comfortable. They lift the breasts up to 6 inches and you can wear them under backless, strapless, side-less and plunging attire without worry.

Are the Instant Breast Lifts safe?
The Instant Breast Lifts have been on the market for over 18 years and they are safe. They are made of medical grade tape that is manufactured in the United States by 3M, the largest producer of medical tape in the world. The product has undergone a battery of skin safety tests and has been proven both safe and effective for contact with human skin. In addition, the tape has recently been chemically tested to determine the safety of pH leachate in non-woven fabrics, free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde; plastics identification; cytotoxicity test; as well as testing to determine skin tolerance. These test conclusions indicate that the materials in the Instant Breast Lifts are well within the safe range for human health by way of skin contact.

Are the Instant Breast Lift comfortable?
Absolutely! Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts are made of thermo-polyurethane, which is very malleable and soft. You won’t even know you have them on!

The lift is not sticking—what’s wrong?
Prior to the application, it is recommended that you use rubbing alcohol on the top of your breasts to make sure the area is complete void of dirt or oil. Residue from lanolin soaps, hair conditioners, and other body preparations have lotion and oils in them that will interfere with the stickiness of the lifts. It is imperative that the breasts be completely dry and void of oils for optimum adhesion.

Can the Instant Breast lift fall off?
It can, if you apply it to oily or damp skin. If it is not properly stuck on, it will only stick for a few moments. If applied to clean, dry skin, it will not come off until you take it off.

When I pull up on the top half of the Instant Breast Lift, it creates a fold in my skin—is this normal?
Yes, it’s perfectly normal and necessary. When your breasts sag due to a variety of issues, such as age, weight loss, following breast feeding, or simply genetics, there is going to be extra skin above the areola (nipple). The Instant Breast Lift folds that skin in upon itself and lifts the nipple to a more youthful and perky location. If you need to see this in action, check out our video (video link here).

How long can I safely wear the lifts?
Although the tape is 100% hypoallergenic and 3M has conducted tests where the medical tapes were worn for a period of 72 hours without any problems, Bring It Up® recommends that you do not wear the lifts overnight. Aim to wear the product for a maximum of 8 hours. It is important to note however, that high body temperature leads to the drying of the adhesive so the longer you wear it the stronger it becomes attached. To avoid an uncomfortable removal take the lifts off within 8 hours of placement as this is the maximum recommended time for bonding.

Can I wear the Instant Breast Lifts if I have a sunburn on my chest?
Please refrain from use of the Instant Breast Lifts if you have any open cuts, skin disorders, rashes, sun damaged or sunburned skin and if you have any skin pigmentation issues. Women with a high level of melanin or a family history of depigmentation may experience skin lightening from the use of this product. Even if you have not experienced a previous reaction to this product, sensitivity due to hormonal changes has been known to occur. Do not use Bring It Up® Breast Lifts if you have very sensitive skin or are pregnant or lactating.

How do I remove the Instant Breast Lift?
It is very important that you take care in removing the lifts. We recommend that when wishing to remove the lifts, you first apply your favorite lotion or oil to the edges of the lift. For the same reason you don’t want oil on your skin when adhering the lifts, adding oil to the skin will help remove them very easily. In fact, the more oil or lotion you use, the easier they will come off. Take it slowly, lift from the bottom corner and pull up gently. If you find there is any resistance add oil or lotion and continue.

Are the Instant Breast Lifts reusable?
No, the Instant Breast Lifts are not reusable. They are designed to be worn only once and thrown away. If you are looking for a longer wear solution, check out the Bring It Up® Instant Breast Shapers, these silicone lifters can be used up to 25 times and they give an awesome shape to the breasts. (put link to breast shapers here)

I am unable to remove the protective backing on the lift. Am I doing something wrong?
Remember when removing the backing that the printed side is facing you. Gently pull the lift on each side of the cut line.
Then carefully remove the lower part of the paper along the cut and place it on the breast as instructed.

Can I take a bath while wearing the lifts?
Yes, Bring It Up® Instant Breast Lifts are completely waterproof, so you can wear them in the pool, lake, ocean, shower, bathtub or sauna!!! They are perspiration-proof as well so dance the night away and your lifts will stay in place!

Are the Instant Breast Lifts visible under sheer fabric?
No, the lifts are virtually invisible. If a portion of the lift peeks outside the fabric of your blouse, cami or bathing suit top, simply trim the visible part off with a sharp pair of scissors.

After the removal of the lifts from the breasts, do the breasts return to the same position as they were before using the Lifts?
Yes, the Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts provide only a temporary lift.

Where should I store my Instant Breast Lifts?
The Instant Breast Lifts should be stored at room temperature away from heat, sunlight and moisture. They have a shelf lift of 2 years. Please keep your lifts safely out of the reach of children.

Have more questions?
Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@bringitup.com.

Bring It Up® Instant Breast Lifts are made of 3M medical tape
The material we use to produce our adhesive breast lifts is fabricated in the USA by the largest surgical tape manufacturer in the world— 3M. Bring It Up® Instant Breast Lifts provide a patented, transparent, waterproof, hypo-allergenic breast lifting solution unlike any other.

The Bring It Up® Instant Breast Lifts are available in 2 sizes. Cup size A-D fits American bra sizes A, B, C, and D. It comes with 16 pieces in a package (8 pairs). Cup size D plus fits American bra sizes DD and up. It comes with 6 pieces (3 pairs)

At this time, we do not recommend the use of the product for cup sizes over F because you may experience an odd shape due to the amount of breast tissue involved.

Bring It Up® has been the number one selling brand of the “original” Instant Breast Lift for over 18 years but many unethical companies disregard our patent and sell counterfeits online. There are some “knock-offs” that may look like our genuine product and even use our name and company logo. Such products are of very poor quality, are not medial grade and can harm the skin and test the limits of legality within the United States. For your own safety, only purchase from an authorized Bring It Up distributor in the United States or from www.bringitup.com

The Original Bring It Up® Instant Breast Lifts are certified MADE IN THE USA.
Manufactured by Bring It Up, Inc.
Westlake Village, CA
Patented US 7,473,158

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186 reviews for The Original Instant Breast Lift™

  1. stacye (verified owner)


  2. stacye (verified owner)

    These are my favorite things! I’ve been using them for 10 yrs! I buy them by the bundle! I also have fibromyalgia and my skin is very sensitive to touch, clothes and especially bras but one thing I do at times is put on my bring it ups and wear a soft bra with no underwire, no hooks, no support, a one piece bra that you put over your head. I get the support and coverage.
    Customer service is the Best!!! Thank you Kelly! Thank you Lauren!!

    • kelly@bringitup.com

      Thank you Stacye. 🙂 It’s funny, it used to be that our customers were mostly women who just wanted lift so that they could wear sexy clothes without a bra, but in the past 3 years or so have we seen our customer base for the breast lift products evolve. More and more women tell us that they simply despise bras on general principles and they don’t want to wear them anymore. PERIOD!!! Several customers buy our shapers in bulk and that is all they wear!!!! I am sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia, but I am very happy to hear the lifts in combination with the soft bra are helping to ease your suffering. Thanks for sharing your experience because it might just help someone else with the same issue.

  3. Crystal (verified owner)

    I recently had a baby, so bigger “ladies” were new to me. I was a DD before the baby but never had an issue with strapless bras. I was blessed with perky ladies so I never had a worry with a bra. But…. now it is a different story. My ladies are not only gigantic, but if I attached a mop to them I could sweep and mop at the same time. So, I was very skeptical to say the least. I had a wedding coming up and was doing frantic research on what bra would be the best for my new ladies and look great in a bridesmaid dress. I found a blog post where this kind big ladied lady reviewed like 10 bras for big busted women. This was her #1 pick and I could see why. It held up for the entire wedding day. This included pictures in hot August. Running around doing all the bridal party duties and then a few hours of hard core dancing. I have 1 recommendation for new users. Separate all of the pieces and then read the instructions fully first. I got a little too excited and tried to read as I go and ended up wasting one because 2 were stuck together. FYI (as if this post wasn’t long enough) My first time use was for the Bachelorette party. The night was just dinner and a champagne bar so no wild dancing. But it held up well for both events.

    • kelly@bringitup.com

      Thanks for your review Crystal…you made us giggle here at the Bring It Up office! 🙂

  4. Jamie

    Product didn’t work for me but seller was quick to respond to my email and help me return for a full refund. Thank you!

  5. Michelle J

    First and foremost, Kelly at headquarters in CA, was amazing and had compassion and solution for my delivery urgency.

    Second, the adhesives were the perfect solution to my mesh& bead backed and low-cut front dress. I was able to dance all night long at my brother’s wedding without concern!

  6. Anonymous

    this lift sticker” is so much better than the old ones that try to push up from the bottom! Gravity is easier to fight from above!

  7. Aleta Cortez

    The customer service I received was great, the person i spoke with over email responded quickly and switched the items i wanted without hesitation and informed me of the price difference in a kind manner. This wasn’t the first time I’ve purchased from this company and it continues to satisfy me.

  8. Anonymous

    Provides great lift. A little difficult to get on without wrinkling. I wasted my first pair figuring out how to get a smooth application. I was surprised at how invisible they were once in place.

  9. Anonymous

    It was a little hard to figure out where to stick them for the best lift, but once I figured it out, they stayed all night and didn’t unstick, which was great.

  10. Anonymous

    I purchased the instant breast lifts in the DD and up size to wear under a bridesmaid’s dress. I’m a D cup with heavy breasts and these worked perfectly. They actually lifted my breasts more than I even expected them to, and I had no problem with them staying on for the entire event, which was about 7 hours and was outside in the heat.

    I am so happy that I know about these now, as I will definitely use them in the future under dresses/shirts that would not work with a traditional bra.

  11. Instant Breast Lift for Size D Cup and Larger

    Instant Breast Lift for Size D Cup and Larger
    This product works! The adhesive stays put and doesn’t irritate my skin. So nice to not wear a bra. Provides a comfortable, natural looking lift.

  12. Anonymous

    I can only wear strapless bras when I have these on! They are a great lift and extra support.

  13. Emily B

    I had huge worrie that my boobs would look saggy or that the adhesives would not stay. I am a 34F and these held up through a crazy dancing and running around wedding. So impressed! Highly recommend and will purchase again.

  14. KW

    I bought my first Bring It Up’s in a store for a wedding – loved them! What a difference they make to my 40-something, previously a food-source breasts! I now were them for more casual events, since they are comfortable and look good.
    We moved, so I decided to order direct from the website…easy and fast!
    Very happy with product and service!

  15. DJ

    I ordered from Bring It Up, and was not disappointed in the amazing reviews! However, upon receiving my shipment, I only received half of what I ordered. After contacting the convenient Customer Service number, the agent apologized and immediately sent my missing product out in the mail! I now have all of my ordered goods,and they work just like promised! Great product, great service!

  16. Heather W

    I was a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding and she chose a plunging dress for her maids to wear; something I wasn’t thrilled about.

    I read the reviews for Bring It Up and instead of heavily altering the dress, I thought I’d try hear first. What a product!

    I ended up buying another order because I knew the other bridesmaids, recent mothers, would want to use them.

    On the day of the wedding, I was able to hand out the extra sets I had bought and everyone felt comfortable and also sexy.

    We danced and served food and cleaned up afterwards and Bring It Up stayed on the whole time with no need for readjustments.

    I will be making more purchases in the future since I can wear backless and low cut clothing since I know this product is here.

  17. Maureen Friend

    I bought these to wear with tank tops because no strapless bra seems to work inside the many different necklines I have to work with and one breast is significantly smaller than the other. I’m really happy with the results. I sweat like crazy (menopause) and the tape keeps its grip through the day and night. My only criticism: the backing sometimes doesn’t peel away from the adhesive very well, but I only lost one pair to that problem. ‘Will buy many more.

  18. Anonymous

    I’m so impressed with these! I wear a 38 DD and my breast are extreamly heavy and saggy. I had a wedding to attend and wanted to wear a backless dress. Which I would’ve never done in the past. I figured I would give these a go and see what they looked like…. They stayed on all night! Through drinking, dancing, sweating (it was an outdoor wedding). They were awesome! And I got so many compliments! Highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to wear a backless or strapless dress or top. These things stay put!

  19. Jessica

    These were perfect for my wedding dress.

  20. Amanda F

    Not only was the customer service great but the actual product works wonders. I have real G cup breasts and had to wear a backless dress and didn’t see many options, this saved me. Thanks for making such a great product.

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