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Bring It Up Instant Brow Lifts open up tired, droopy eyes and help smooth out crows feet. Regain your youthful, wide-eyed appearance just by lifting your brow.

Everyone will want to know your secret because you will look so refreshed and rested! Virtually undetectable, the lifts are waterproof, sweat-proof and hypo-allergenic and made of hi-quality, medical grade adhesive. Hairstyles with bangs are recommended.

Ordering Options: $20 – Brow Lift in a Box (includes 30 day supply & instructions) – Join Endless Lift Club TODAY and save 30%! Receive replacements monthly – 30 day supply for just $14. Watch our Instructional Video. Note: Headband is no longer included.

Watch our Instructional Video.


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1 review for Instant Brow Lift

  1. valerieebbs (verified owner)

    I passed out a month ago and landed on my face. Along with other injuries, one of my eyebrows is now droopy. I used the Bring it up tab to even out my brows and since I wear bangs, it is unnoticeable. This has made me feel more normal again. Thank you!!

    • Kelly hkhkh

      Oh Valerie, that just made my whole day. I shared this with the office staff and we are all so happy that the brow lifts helped you during such a difficult time! But more than that, we are very grateful that you are on the road to recovery. Thank you for sharing your experience. We think of these tapes as a “beauty” treatment and your story tells us that at times it can be more than that! Blessings from all of us at Bring It Up.

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