Is Your Bra Safe?

There are a lot of options available when looking for an adhesive bra solution.  The question becomes why would you pick one sticky bra over another? SAFETY should be your number one concern!  Many competitors claim to cover, lift and stay on “all day”…but consider just what chemicals foreign companies use to get their products to “STAY ON” and why most do not offer any guarantee on the safety of their products.  

Indeed, the most important thing to consider when choosing products that are put on your body, especially your tender breasts is SAFETY!!!  Many adhesive bra products—especially those manufactured in China, use adhesives that are NOT scientifically tested for safe skin contact!!!!  These products can be dangerously injurious to human skin. Remember, these products do not have to pass any safety testing at all before they are sold in the USA!  Who knows what chemicals or irritants are in these adhesives?  


The adhesives that Bring It Up uses on all of our products have been safety tested to the highest US standards.  The Instant Breast Lift is made right here in the USA of medical grade tape that is manufactured by 3M—they are the ones who make the advanced adhesive tapes that are used in hospitals all over the world! 

Bring It Up’s Breast Shapers are made using the highest-grade silicone adhesive available that has the best skin adherence but has been safety tested to give a gentle release!  Also, Bring It Up designs its products to be kind to the nipple! The adhesive should not be applied to the center area of any bra cup because the sensitive nipple can be irritated or even injured upon removal.  Bring It Up Breast Shapers have no adhesive on the nipple area for maximum comfort and safety.  

The bottom line is when shopping for any product that has bodily contact with adhesives, check to make sure that the product is tested for safety.  Be leery of products that do not offer any guaranty or are offered on huge social media platforms that lead to obviously foreign websites. If you are buying a scarf, you don’t need to worry but when it comes to applying something—especially adhesives—to your breasts or other intimate areas, make sure the product is proven SAFE as well as effective.

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