My go-to! Lifts my DD’s, holds them in place without a bra. Great under swimsuits too!

Sarah Hendley

Absolutely loved perked the girls right up and stayed great hold perfect for dresses or tank tops.

Michelle Diamond

I am a DD so using the breast lifts first then the breast shapers on top has been a game changer for me. No more bras!

Laura H Dev

I LOVE the breast lifts!!!! I am a size DD and have no problems. Great to wear under camis, halter tops and sundresses. The lift lasts all day

Sharon Roger


I have used this product for over five years, and it “Is the Gift that keeps on Giving.” A subtle and nonsurgical face lift. And the Customer Service is over the top! (Instant Face Lift)

Lyne Taylor

Love the Instant facelift! Really opens up your whole face! Who needs surgery? (Instant Face Lift)

Susan Kiernan-Lewis

I used the Bring it up tab to even out my brows and since I wear bangs, it is unnoticeable. (Instant Brow Lift)

Valerie ebbs

Been using for years not for neck but for loose skin along jaw line…just have to finesse the tape placement a bit. (Instant Neck Lift)

Sandi Johnston

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