Instant Breast Lift Kits

The perfect bra doesn’t come with straps, underwire, or an outrageous price tag. Bring It Up’s revolutionary breast lift kit gives you the support you need, from A to DDD.

High-quality silicone and extra-strong adhesive hold up in more ways than one. With our breast lift sticky bras, you can rock that little black dress without worry. We’ve got you covered—literally! Plunging necklines are no problem with our full-coverage breast lift kits.

Our boob lift stickers are completely reusable. Give yourself seamless support for up to 25 wears!

You don’t need a special occasion to use our breast tape bras, either. From backless dresses to fitted tees, our invisible boob tape works under all types of clothing. They’re even comfortable enough to sleep in!

Say goodbye to awkward shapewear and grab a breast lift kit today!