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Your Safety is Our Priority

 There are a lot of options available when looking for an adhesive “lifting” solution.  The question becomes why would you pick one over another?

Many products—especially those manufactured in China, use adhesives that can be dangerously injurious to human skin.  Remember, foreign made products do not have to pass safety testing like products made in the USA.

The adhesives that Bring It Up uses on all of our “sticky bra” products have been safety tested to meet or exceed US product to skin standards.  In fact, The Instant Breast Lifts, Instant Face Lifts, Instant Brow Lifts, and Instant Neck Lifts are all made in the USA of medical grade tape manufactured by 3M, the multinational company that makes advanced adhesive tapes used in hospitals all over the world.

Make sure any adhesive product you purchase to apply to your breasts, face or other intimate areas is proven SAFE as well as effective and make sure the company has a solid product guaranty.

Bring It Up products breast and face lifting tapes are proudly made and safety tested in the USA.  Bring It Up offers a 100% money back guaranty on all of our products.

Executive Team

Kelly Yamauchi
Leigh Vance
Taylor Lutzker