Finding the Best Fitting Adhesive Bra

Choosing the right size sticky bra

Finding that perfect fit can be challenging but a "one size fits all" sticky bra is not a good solution. Quality, fit and comfort count! The adhesive bra becomes the foundation of your outfit, whether it is on your wedding day or a date with someone special. Underwear items are called "foundations" for a reason!!

If the sticky bra you are wearing is ill-fitting, and too big or small in size, this will negatively impact your whole outfit and be uncomfortable as well. In addition, cheaply manufactured nipple covers can actually make the nipple area more pronounced and noticeable if they are too thick or if they are not beveled at the edges like the Bring It Up Breast Shaper. Some actually distort the nipple area because they protrude in a puffy unnatural way. Making sure you have the right fit is equally as important as ensuring you have the right quality when purchasing silicone nipple covers and lifting breast shapers.

Bring It Up created a sizing chart for the Instant Breast Lift Tape and Breast Shapers that helps to make choosing the correct size a whole lot easier. Not all sticky bras are created equally, many are really just oversized nipple covers that don’t offer anything but coverage. But when an adhesive bra is designed to lift and shape as well as cover like the Bring It Up Breast Shaper, proper sizing can make all the difference, taking your shape from frumpy to fabulous without any taping, sticky tabs, side wings. lacing up or snaps. 

All product lines are different but before purchasing the silicone Bring It Up Breast Shaper, we do recommend that you take the time to double check your sizing on the size chart below. 


Use your most comfortable standard, un-padded bra as a starting point to find both your band width (the measurement around your rib cage under your breasts) and cup size (A, B, C, D, E, F).  NOTE: We do not recommend using Victoria's Secret bras for this. Because of “vanity sizing”, their bras are generally at least one cup size larger than a standard bra. As an example, Victoria’s Secret bra size 34DD might be closer to a standard size 34D.

Because an adhesive bra doesn't have a band that goes around the body, that band width number is really used as a guide to the width of the actual breast. The larger the band width number, the more likely the breast itself going to be wider. Since the best adhesive bras don't have any straps or connections in the front or back, it is imperative that the silicone cover enough of the breast to make it undetectable under clothing and provide the needed lift and support. Bring It Ups patented shape is not the typical circle like most nipple covers because breasts are not round balls, our profile is more oval, a shape that better fits the contours of a natural breast.

It is very important to get the right size for optimum lift and coverage so please take the time to check the size chart. If you have further questions about sizing you can always contact us at 800-670-6201 for assistance, our sizing experts are happy to help.


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