What do you wear under that sheer, backless party dress this season?

You know that holiday dress you spent way too much money on but is so drop dead…gorgeous that it is celebrity worthy?  Yeah, the one you had to have but now don’t know what to wear under it?

What makes the dress so spectacular is of course the low “down to your butt” back plunge and the waist deep V neckline that shows off your sexy cleavage.  But what do you do if your boobs don’t quite stand at attention?  What the heck does a girl with less than perky breasts do?

Conventional strapless bras are so 1992, plus they are the most uncomfortable contraptions every made.  Instant breast lift tape is a reliable option or you can copy Kim Kardashian who famously duct taped her boobs, but do you really want to take off the skin when it’s time to put on your jammies?

There are a variety of “sticky bras” out there that claim to lift, but the majority have that jelly like silicone padding that adds extra weight and volume.  If you are bigger than a C cup and need a lift, then you don’t need any added weight. Most of us don’t need ANY extra padding, we just want what boob we have to be a little higher and prouder—and maybe not so “exposed” when it gets a little chilly!

Enter the Bring It Up Breast Shaper, a truly invisible lifting bra that completely covers the nipple, lifts and gives a great shape without adding any size or weight!  A celebrity favorite, (insert picture of Jeannie Mai from the magazine with the shapers in her purse) they look like oversized pasties, but they are so much more than your run-of-the-mill sticky, strapless, backless, push up bra.  They are completely undetectable—yep, invisible—under the sheerest clothing and they reliably defy gravity for cup sizes up to a 38DDD.

So back to that dress of yours, what will you wear under it?  Pasties definitely work if you don’t need any heavy lifting, but if you want to be perky and need a bra solution that has no sides and doesn’t attach in the front, then the Bring It Up Breast Shaper silicone bra cups are the best stick on bra for the money.  Wear them for your holiday parties and under your favorite clubwear, they are reusable for up to 2 years and they literally will not let you down.