What's The Difference Between Nipple Covers and Bring It Up Breast Shapers

What's The Difference Between Nipple Covers and Bring It Up Breast Shapers

Breast Shapers are made of ultra-thin, beveled silicone cups designed to provide incredible lift, in addition to covering the nipple and areola, creating full cleavage, and providing a beautiful and natural shape! Nipple Covers conceal the nipple but do not provide lift. The Breast Shaper can be used simply to provide invisible coverage if no lift is needed, but regular Nipple Covers (pasties) cannot provide incredible lift or cleavage like the Breast Shapers. Most people don’t know that Bring It Up’s Breast Shapers can lift the breast up to 3 inches! 

The reason they are called Breast Shapers is because they give a whole new SHAPE to the breast by lifting and repositioning the breast tissue to a higher more youthful placement. Breast Shapers are essentially “super lifting” nipple covers that are patented for their design utility (lifting capabilities) and superior adhesive. There is no other product that lifts the breast without any visible tab or strap. 

Bring It Up Breast Shapers have a patented design featuring a unique shape and the thinnest profile of ANY other breast covering product on the market.  They are so thin that they are undetectable under even the most delicate fabrics.  Beveled (multiple angle) edges are the key making the silicone blend into the skin instead of sitting on top like a “nipple hat”.  Everyone has seen this unfortunate look where the nipple cover calls attention to the breast more than wearing nothing would!!  Bring It Up designed the Breast Shapers to blend perfectly and smoothly into the skin for a natural uplifted look without any straps.

We are often asked to compare the differences between the breast shapers with the RABBIT Covers that are a common product made in China and sold on Amazon.  These consist of thick round nipple covers with the 3-inch tabs on top.  Although the products can provide some lift, it is not a natural look and the large plastic tab at the top eliminates the ability to wear anything that is strapless, has spaghetti straps or thin halter straps.

Bring It Up Breast Shapers are unique in that you feel like you wearing nothing at all yet they provide incredible lift, modesty, and shape.  They were designed to be worn with backless, strapless, side less and plunging tops and dresses, because no tabs, no straps, no wings are visible anywhere. 

So if you need a lift, a nipple cover isn’t going to provide that, but the Bring It Up Breast Shapers can and they are also the most comfortable “bra” you will ever wear!  No bands, no straps, no snaps, no back fat, no problem!  

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